Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Quality Assurance Program for Moose Winooskis Restaurnat Essay

Quality Assurance Program for Moose Winooskis Restaurnat - Essay Example However, merely philosophizing about the importance of strategy or publishing statements of management's support of the notion is not enough. Moose Winooski's has introduced quality assurance programs aimed to improve service quality, sustain strong brand image and leading position of the market. In Moose Winooski's, Quality Assurance (QA) programs involve all departments and employees. What is required is a business process to aid organizations in focusing their total quality efforts on issues that most directly support strategy. By focusing on the quality strategy, Moose Winooski's makes significant progress toward the overall goal of increasing customer satisfaction. Organizationally, QA can be seen as a new philosophy of business and a part of culture (Goetsch and Davis 2003). A proper balance of these actions results in working more effectively together toward increasing overall quality. Moose Winooski's there is a need to adopt quality as a business strategy whereby workers would enjoy the working environment and be proud of the resulting products or services. Part of achieving this result is encouraging and managing the participation of these workers in their day-to-day jobs (Goetsch and Davis 2003). For instance, the standards of the company are based three keys: 'pe rformance, support and innovation' (Moose Tracks 2007). At the organizational level, QA programs are determined by careful planning, control and feedback mechanisms. Personally, QA means commitment and high level of responsibilities, sense of belonging and support for success, effective teamwork and positive culture. Moose Winooski's states that: "our goals, passions, and values are the foundation of Moose Winooski's, and the source of six principles that guide out behavior and the conduct of our business: hospitality, respect, fairness, fun, sharing, and courage" (Moose Tracks 2007). There are no differences in view points because in Moose Winooski's, management provides leadership and direction to each level of the organization. The key is to provide each function with a clear understanding of its specific role in implementing organizational strategy. Each member of Moose Winooski's is then in a position to offer and implement suggestions and process improvements specifically designed to support the strategy (Goetsch and Davis 2003). With a shared understanding of the strategy and quality assurance management more effectively and efficiently manage organizational efforts. Managers are responsible for providing active leadership to the organization. This includes providing feedback, encouragement, constructive criticism, and discipline so that a pervasive, well-understood success paradigm exists and all team members know their expected role. Employees in Moose Winooski's are responsible for fully participating in the strategy development process. They then embrac e the resulting plans and do their part to implement them fully. Finally, they should approach their day-to-day job in a way that supports the organization's goals (Marath and Turnbull, 1998). QA programs are designed to link with organization's goals and strategies, vision and aims. In general, QA programs are based on four main functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. There are very clear and distinct roles for both managers and employees

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